If meeting in my usual office, there will be more distance in seating and a physical barrier will be used -- a vinyl transparent curtain separating the therapist from the sofa area. We are allowed by the Executive Order to remove masks during “procedures”. I am designating therapy sessions as a procedure. However, masks are required to be worn until clients are seated in the office.


Personal contact such as hugs or handshakes will be off limits.


 Extra disinfection efforts will be made between clients. Frequent and thorough hand washing is encouraged for clients and will be practiced by the therapist. Hand sanitizer will be available as well. Clients will be provided with tissues and trash receptacles.

A screening protocol will be used before the session. Clients will be asked the Pre-Session Checklist and told to reschedule if positive answers are given.


Children under age 9 will temporarily not be seen in the office. The play therapy room will not be used due to the difficulty of adequately disinfecting it between clients.

Thalia Ferenc, LMSW, DCSW

6127 Bay Shore West Drive, Charlevoix MI 49720

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Teletherapy will always be an option if clients would rather not come to the office for any reason. Please notify the therapist at least one business day ahead of your appointment if you would prefer teletherapy.


If weather permits, some sessions will take place outside on the front patio. There will be a sign on the front door telling clients whether they will meet outside or inside that day. Clients who arrive for their appointment must wait in the car rather than the waiting room. It is OK to come downstairs after they see the previous client get into their car or if there is no other car in the driveway, outside of a black Focus. Clients may come downstairs to use the restroom if needed, but return to their car afterwards.


Bringing nonessential visitors to the office while the client has a session is strongly discouraged. If unavoidable, guests must stay in the car during the session. If an outdoor session is taking place, car windows should be closed and/or the car should be parked at the far end of the driveway near the road to protect privacy. The waiting room will not be used at this point in time.



COVID - 19 Precautions

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