Thalia's Thoughts:

Living in Peace and Harmony
with Others and Within Ourselves

What Are They Saying 
About Thalia?

I have known Thalia Ferenc for many years as both a friend and a professional colleague. I met her as part of a divorce support group when her informative and supportive presentation on the effects of divorce on friends and family really helped me deal with some of the pain and anguish I was feeling at the time. 

Later, I worked with her as a colleague in a program (she designed) of support for children who were caught in the breakup of their family through divorce. As a teacher myself, I saw the need for this kind of program for children who are often the forgotten victims of divorce and I was happy to work with her on this labor of love. 

It was during this time that I saw the unique knowledge and skill set that Thalia possesses. Her ability to understand, empathize and facilitate essential conversations between people in pain and desolation mark her as a truly gifted and special kind of counselor. She worked equally well with the parents and the children.

 She is a remarkable person who has the passion to help troubled people and be an effective advocate at the same time. She is constantly fighting for the rights of individuals caught in unfair situations and for the proper care and treatment of mental and emotional illness.

 Were I to need the help of a therapist for myself or my family at any time, Thalia would be my first and only choice. 

I highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance due to mental or emotional trauma. She is kind, understanding, patient, honest, trustworthy, highly educated, very experienced, articulate, and absolutely passionate about what she does – and no one is better at what she does which is to help heal badly broken and hurt people.  

--Tim Bennett
   Associate Professor of Education
   Aquinas College School of Education

 I have truly appreciated your help and your expertise and I do think that you're wonderful.   You are a great listener and your suggestions have always been helpful.   I always admired how you were able to consider my needs and feelings, my son's needs and feelings, and the environment and system that we are working in.   You are truly unique in that way. 

 I always learned a lot from your newsletters and I looked forward to hearing what books you would recommend (useful for those late night worry-a-thons when I couldn't sleep).

-- Female Client

Five years ago Thalia started working with my wife. She was having difficulty in coping with panic attacks and anxiety. At the time, my wife was dealing with depression and was unable to effectively deal with normal life issues. After six months of counseling, my wife was coping with her anxiety and panic attacks without the need for drugs to help her through an attack. 

Since that time, she has become stronger, better able to cope with life's ups and downs and recently has returned to work and has developed a plan for getting a degree in the healthcare industry. This progress was due in great part to Thalia's guidance and counseling.

--Husband of Female Client


 I have been a client of Thalia Ferenc and  have found her to be knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to talk to.  She is patient, helping the process through casual suggestions and not pressuring.  I highly recommend her especially for someone who finds going to a therapist a difficult decision.

-- Male Client

Thalia is a great choice if you’re looking for a therapist who is compassionate, patient and sensitive to her client’s needs. She helps her clients with a gentle hand and gentle words. With Thalia’s help and guidance, I was able to overcome more than I ever thought I would.

 I had been in and out of therapy many times in the past, and was hesitant to start seeing Thalia. After the very first session with her, I knew she was different and would be the perfect fit for me. 

As a therapist, she is unique in that she honestly cares about her client’s issues. She doesn’t listen and offer advice because it’s her job to. She does it because she genuinely wants to help. Her guidance and advice has been priceless to me. The new and improved person that I am today, is due to Thalia’s time and effort. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist.

--Female Client

I have always found Thalia to be an extremely competent professional who genuinely cares about the families she serves and works to make their lives better.  I would not hesitate to refer adults, children, couples or families to her.

-- Samantha Price
Licensed Professional Counselor
Nationally Certified Counselor

I went through a 3.5 year divorce that was very hard on our children.  I met Thalia through the Friend of the Court and she helped me and our kids tremendously by asking the right questions in a kind and non-threatening way that made the kids feel comfortable about counseling which enabled them to learn things they never knew before about both their parents.  The time we all spent with Thalia changed our lives for the better and enhanced the relationships with our kids. 

I would recommend her to anyone seeking advice and help in all areas of life, not just divorce.  In fact, I personally referred her to two friends (one in a custody situation and one needing marriage counseling) of mine and they both told me after spending time with Thalia how surprised they were.  They both learned things about themselves, their spouses and their families that helped them through their current struggle and enabled them to grow from there.

--Male Client

Comments used with permission